A.L. Chekina refuses to acknowledge his association with Regardless, he is to blame for this publication. The inane content is the brainchild of this insane individual. The published work must be understood to be the result of this lunatic's misguided understanding of the world.

Who are you going to believe, a person, or this website?
A.L. Chekina
"Even I'm not stupid        
  enough to be involved with

  this website."
A Ninja and his/her ingenue
We use a ninja, and an intern, to locate talent. He/she has excelled at locating contributors and then motivating them to comply with our wishes. Our ninja is also extremely fond of knitting and playing with our legal team.
Talent Procurement
"We find crazy. Then 
 we force it to write."
MO and Nay
MO and Nay are two monkeys with an aptitude for coating contracts in fecal matter. They have been the best in the business for over two years. Here at we follow their legal advice as if it were gospel.
Legal Team
It's hard to quote monkeys.